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Our offering includes use of portal www.JOBSAtAnytime.com or www.JOBSAtAnytimePlus.com and RECRUITAtAnytime which is a client side program for shortlisting and tracking candidates, applicants and employees from a fully structured and enumerated repository (database) containing profiles+attached objects [RECRUITAtAnytime is web based where the repository resides on a server so your staff could collaborate 24 x 7 worldwide assured of confidentiality of your notes]
Sr. No. Features / Benefits Portal Registrants RECRUITAtAnytime subscribers
1 Free? Yes No*
2 Post a Job on www.JOBSAtAnytime.com Yes Yes
3 Update posted Job by logging in with Username + Password Username + Password
4 Attach a logo to your job ad page Yes Yes
5 Place a mast head above job ad page Yes Yes
6 Unlimited on number of job postings Yes Yes
7 Job postings are considered Top Jobs No Yes
8 Applications by emails? Discouraged Discouraged
9 View structured profiles of applicants? Yes Yes
10 Job seekers can find your job by Job code Yes Yes
11 Job seekers can find your job by filters Yes Yes
12 Attached resume + photo with applications? Yes Yes
13 Cut cost of News paper ads - quote Job code Yes Yes
Most powerful AND cost-effective subscription plans for small to large MNCs
14 Facility to display logo on home page Yes Yes
15 Facility for Employer of the day logo Yes Yes
16 Job seekers can click on logo and apply Yes Yes
17 Drive applicants from any source to YOUR repository No Yes
18 Drive applicants to YOUR career page No Yes
19 Download into YOUR repository applicants No Yes
20 Access to structured profiles of registrants through program? No Yes
21 Unified repository of registrants+ applicants No Yes
22 Parse emails and populate repository? No Yes
23 Customised questions (open/close ended)? No Yes
24 Tracking, messaging by email or SMS No Yes
25 Assigning scores, progress notes No Yes
26 Assigning scores for multiple target jobs No Yes
27 Positionwise candidate data access security No Yes
28 Position posting on JAAPlus (Hi precision) No Yes
29 Employee repository for internal recruitment No Yes
30 Shortlisting time Days Minutes
31 Notes on offers, promises made No Yes
32 Recruiting process automated and improved No Yes
33 Reduce errors of missing good candidates Yes Eliminated
34 Reduce errors of hiring wrong candidates No Significantly
35 Link your job posts on JAA to your website Yes Yes
36 Define recruitment steps No Yes
* Please ask for no obligation Trial
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