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Terms of Use
The IT Enabled Service (ITES) empowered by JOBSAtAnytime aims to match people with complementary needs.  The JOBSAtAnytime program and portal so named are owned by Systems Dynamics (Software) Pvt. Ltd. Software, data, service and the brand JOBSAtAnytime (JAA in brief) are owned and managed by SDSPL. Users or members who have registered with this service are also referred to as Customers in this document. The term “JAA” is used here in a broad sense to refer to, either the collection of programs deployed on the web server or distributed for installation on Customers’ PCs or hand held devices, for matching people with job opportunities, or for matching people for matrimonial alliances, or for matching special interest groups or benefactors supporting worthy causes with beneficiaries, which are included in this ITES but are marketed under different brands, as the context demands.  

JAA is a computer assisted matching service and it relies on the data submitted by the users voluntarily. Subsets of this data may be verified by third parties based on prior consent of the person or entity that has submitted the data. JAA employs automated matching processes that depend upon criteria that are user defined. Best matches are reported after filtering and ranking, however, no assurance is provided by JAA that matches will always be found. JAA is not in the business of placements or match making, rather JAA is a tool that can be used by placement agents, manpower providers and match making bureaus that provide personalised services with value additions. End users can also use this tool directly provided they have a certain level of familiarity of Internet usage and web based forms data entry.

The processing logic is explained in the applicable modules and data submission forms wherever it is not self-evident.

JAA has basic and advanced modules for job seeker and job provider. In the advanced module, the customer has the option of making simple, advanced or complex queries based on the criteria and properties that need to be processed for matching and scoring (a figure of merit is computed based on the weights and scores that are user assigned). JAA itself does not make a value judgment about, nor recommend, any particular candidate or position. Rather JAA calculates the figure of merit for a filtered candidate or a work position based on user specified criteria and scores for preferred properties.

Privacy and the choices of sharing password with Parties that make transactions with customers:

The franchisees (or dedicated business partners but hereafter referred to as franchisee for convenience) are appointed by JAA after they sign a contract which obliges them to conduct the business in accordance with the rules and business policy laid down by JAA & SDSPL. The franchisee or his representative is allowed to solicit business and collect/remit money against applicable dues strictly as per the tariff card, which is available for viewing, by customers. From time to time packages may be announced that incorporate discounts and bonus and these are also displayed on the web site. 

The packages could be offered to customers directly at franchisee office and/or through resellers selling registration kits or coupons or cards. Each coupon has an expiry date and a sticker price (MRP) that is the purchase price for the Customer - this value, less applicable taxes, can be redeemed by logging into the web site and supplying the secret coupon number. Either the user can log in directly or else he can give the filled up form and the coupon serial number to the reseller or the franchisee. The usage instructions are printed on the coupon.  

Even if a user provides profile or query information to franchisee on paper, the franchisee is expected to take due care to honour the user's privacy. Staff engaged by Franchisee is supposed to maintain complete confidentiality about the identity of members as well as the data that they may have had the chance to process. 

User who registers with the help of a franchisee, has the option of managing his/her account on JAA using his/her own password. However, a user may choose to let JAA franchisee operate the account on his/her behalf, for convenience or whatever reason. Having surrendered a password, the user can at any point of time, request the franchisee to revert the usage rights - i.e. the user can ask for the current password and opt to change the password of his/her account to regain sole control over his/her account. 

SDSPL and JAA take particular care to train and caution its own staff and the franchisee staff in dealing with personal data of members. Only authorised staff are allowed to maintain the database and programs of JAA. Members' personal data records could be accessed by authorised maintenance personnel in situations requiring fixing of a hardware or software problem or shared with competent authorities in course of compliance with law. 

Eligible age of users/beneficiaries and inputs of parents/guardians:
The work seeker service cannot be used by children less than thirteen years old. Children of age fourteen to eighteen can benefit if they use the service with the guidance of their parents for finding part time work opportunities or engagements useful from the point of view of a learning experience.

Match making services is offered only to individuals older than eighteen years.

Volunteers supporting a worthy cause are required to work through institutions or guardians or parents wherever the beneficiaries are children. It is prohibited to make direct offers of any sort to children.

The customer is advised to check the antecedents of matching records reported by JAA before making serious commitments. JAA does not accept responsibility for the averments made by users of JAA.  

JAA receives users’ feedback and if any complaint about false data or masquerading is received by it, JAA reserves the right to suspend any account or delete the data with or without running its independent check and without assigning any reason to the customer/user. User who has a complaint against any member, should write to JAA (please go to contact us link). If any user or member is found misusing the service in a way inconsistent with the stated intent or if there is a breach of any of the terms stated herein then JAA reserves the right to terminate any membership without assigning any reason whatsoever and also proceed against the user. 

The usefulness of the service is enhanced when users provide correct and complete data. JAA respects the privacy of the customers and it has an explicit privacy protection commitment statement. Wherever personally identifiable data is submitted (asked for), the user has the option of stating his/her level of comfort regarding divulging the identity to responding party. The profile data submitted by members is not put up for browsing nor is it available for viewing by any user - only records matched through automated processes are reported to query originators and only relevant data is revealed for which permission has been given by members.  

JAA has options for reporting matched responses or applications in different forms and details. The data can be shared as text or html files containing text or objects submitted, viz. photos, audio or video files or structured data in case of work seekers where the data is downloadable by the member who subscribes to a particular value added service. In every profile form, before it is finally accepted, the member has the opportunity of setting his/her choice of data sharing. It is possible for a member to change the choice at any point of time.

The customer can use alias in place of his/her name that is meant to be disclosed to the matching party, however, for communication with JAA, the real name and address is mandatory. JAA does not use Customer's personal data for any purpose other than what is within the scope of permissions given by the Customer explicitly in the forms of profile and query. Each member is allowed to give two addresses and emails - one for communicating with JAA and another for communicating with members.

The customers can at any time update their data by logging in or they can close their service subscription and claim refund of unutilised balance, as mentioned further on in section 11. Since the service works with online database, the updation effect is immediate. However, on account of an earlier batch processing job, it is possible that results could be sent to others based on the data that existed two or three days prior to updation.

Users are offered the facility of posting classified ads in which the data is distinct from the profile data stored for registered members. While the former is in public domain and visible to all users that include non-members, the latter is not offered for viewing except through the matching process and subject to confidentiality and data shareability levels set by individual members.

The registration and subscription fees are charged in advance and these are non-refundable. Whereas the credit balance or the advance payments made towards query responses are refundable subject to a transaction processing charge. Details are described in the Refund Policy section. Users are advised to read operational rules and details in "Become a member" link for respective services, viz. services for work seekers, work providers, match seekers and worthy cause/special interest groups.

If cash payment is made to the franchisee, user should ensure that the same amount is credited to his/her account - user can verify this by logging in and making a statement of account query (if a user is opening a new account - JAA program normally sends the login password through email, however, in case of cash payments, it is flashed back instantly, therefore, user should be able to check his/her statement of account even while opening a new account). If a user has any doubt about the balance or entry of a given date in his account, the same should be brought to the notice of JAA within forty five days (to Accounts administration email which is found in the link Contact us).

The JAA service is non-sectarian and it has universal applicability worldwide. Any usage that smacks of racism, discrimination against anyone on grounds of sex, religion, nationality, political affiliation or one that is suggestive of illegal acts is prohibited.

JAA works on the concept of transaction fee and not commissions, i.e. its charges are based on cost plus basis. There are basic registration and subscription charges besides optional service options, e.g. value added services for diary and applications tracking. In the event of loss of Customer's data or failure of completion of a transaction that has been paid for by the Customer, SDSPL or JAA will not be liable for consequential damages or lost opportunities. SDSPL and JAA's liability in all circumstances will not exceed the charge paid by the Customer for the portion of the service that is found and established to be deficient.

Work providers and educational institutes that have opted to buy the value added service of which the RECRUITAtAnytime or RecruitPRO program is a part, need to sign a separate service agreement for the client side program.

The terms and conditions, their interpretation and redress of any dispute arising from them or from the services provided by JAA or SDSPL shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Ahmedabad and the laws of the Indian Union.

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