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Cost Effective Advertisement - Case Study

This ad of ARM appeared in Times of India in Ascent in 200 c.c. (8 columns x 25 cms) and it included 8 jobs. Contrast it with the one below which is 2.5 times smaller but has 22 jobs.

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RECRUITMENT AD released by an RECRUIT user.

This ad of IOL Broadband Ltd. (now IOL Netcom Ltd), a user of RECRUIT, appeared in the Times of India Ascent and Economic Times Mumbai editions in a space of 4 columns x 20 cms and it included 22 jobs because all details were shifted to www.jobsatanytime.com.This method caused most of the serious applicants to apply online, many did send emails so it did not result in any reduction of number of applicants.

COMPARE with the conventional ad of ARM example above :
Space used = 40% (80 cc Vs 200 cc).  Positions accommodated = 275% (22 Vs 8).

IOL ad could be considered atleast five times more cost-efficient.

N.B. -Many applicants registered online, however, those who sent in email applications were sent automated emails requesting them to register online; finally those that remained were processed through the JAA Data Centre where the unstructured resumes were entered into the JAA online database, after automated parsing, so that all applicants could be processed through RECRUIT for shortlisting. IOL's requirements were also posted online on several popular Jobboards and matching candidates were advised to register online at www.jobsatanytime.comand then apply to relevant positions that could be viewed there through the IOL’s JOB CODE or by searching through Top Jobs.

Now JAA program offers a facility of creating a vacancy list page which could be linked to YOUR OWN web site, therefore, the press ads and the campaign to candidates would only provide your own URL and there would be no need to mention the URL: www.jobsatanytime.com or even the Job Codes! RECRUIT users, thus can release cost-effective recruitment ads in press and other Job boards and route applicants via THEIR OWN CAREER PAGE and ultimately get them into the local repository of RECRUIT.
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