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Sample Resumes - JOBSAtAnytime+
Sample Resumes  
Junior Level
Primary School Teacher
Middle School Teacher
High School Teacher
Middle Level
IT Professional
Web Designer
Finance Professional
Air Hostess
Senior Level
For Freshers
Business Administration
MBA Finance
Mechanical Engineer
Machine Operator (ITI)
JOBSAtAnytime+ helps you firstly build a complete and precise profile - i.e. a portfolio. Along with your profile, you can declare filters that serve to block "irrelevant" opportunities from getting reported when work providers' queries match with your profile. Secondly you can make queries for "Suitable work" which may be full time or part time, at specified time slots of the day and day(s) of the week. JOBSAtAnytime+ maintains precision across all management levels and disciplines, with zero bias for any demographics. The principal idea behind the methodology is to short-list first (through automated processes) and read later. Therefore, the profiles of candidates (or work providers) are made in great detail. Computer program filters and ranks first. Afterwards, manual reading and sifting is required for only the "short-listed" records. Thus manual processing time AND mistakes are drastically cut. Only relevant and best matches are reported by JOBSAtAnytime+ for manual processing.

You can make filters (your expectations) visible or invisible to work providers, for e.g. you need not disclose your minimum earning expectation and yet ask the program to filter or rank matched opportunities on this criterion. You need not even disclose your identity. If you so wish, you can protect your identity by using an alias instead of your real name in the output resume that is shared with matching work providers.

"Retirees" can seek part time, advisory or even voluntary work for different set of beneficiaries, for e.g. mentoring, teaching and so on.

Portfolio with multi-media objects can be generated by JOBSAtAnytime+. The html file can be saved (as .mht type of file), zipped and sent by email to anyone by you - this makes for much better presentation than text or "doc" files. It could be printed, if required. Colours are user selectable. The advantage of the html file is that it serves as a one page summary as well as a forty page multimedia portfolio, if you like. The reader gets a one page overview at a glance and s/he can expand/collapse any section of the portfolio.

JOBSAtAnytime+ does not offer the registered work seeker's resume for browsing to anyone, rather it is sent to matching work providers or to those to whom you make a direct application. This avoids spurious alerts and offers. You can ask for alerts to be sent to you either by email or SMS - all reported matches honour your filter criteria as mentioned above.

JOBSAtAnytime+ promises to prepare the most concise and the most detailed profile! It does need YOUR time and attention as you know your values best. Use the program as many times as you like. JOBSAtAnytime+ offers the portfolio creation capability free but you should not forget the cost of having an inaccurate or incomplete profile.

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