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Alumni Solutions - JOBSAtAnytime+

You can choose each of the colleges or training institutes that you have attended and create separate alumni associations or join existing alumni associations of your college or institutes. You can form an alumni association or a chapter and then affiliate it with the parent institution. The website of educational institutes can be integrated with JOBSAtAnytime+ and they could create a local repository - if your college or institute is not a registered user of JOBSAtAnytime+, a request is sent to them if the contact email is available.

You can specify your interest areas and also ways in which you may like to support your alma mater or declare your interest areas and/or organize events. The alumni repository administrator can send messages by email or SMS to approved members.

Attributes could be added as per the requirements of the alumni office. These attributes and attached objects, viz. photos etc. are in addition to those already defined for the students.

Many colleges have reaped great benefits from the fund of goodwill that remains with the alumni significantly untapped because of lack of automated tools.

The RECRUIT program which is companion program of JOBSAtAnytime+ will help in creating a 'virtual campus recruitment'. Alumni can utilize the facility of recruitments as when required. The recruiters who cannot visit the physical campus because of limitation of time or cost-effectiveness far outnumber those who do make it to the campus. The RECRUIT solution will serve the interest of both recruiters and students and the institute will build its reputation in much wider circles than is possible by using archaic methods of campus placements which create undue stress and limit choices on both sides!

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