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Work Provider Service
Who can use work provider service?
Direct recruiters, Recruiting agents and Households can all use this service to find ANY candidate (e.g. CEO to a clerk, a private tutor or even domestic help/service). You could offer positions for - 
  • full time or a part time work,
  • fixed or flexi time work,
  • permanent or temporary assignments
  • consultancy, advisory or on call assignments
  • work to be performed from candidate's premises/home,
  • paid, project or voluntary work
1) It uses a novel and sophisticated matching program, that recognizes essential and desirable criteria. It works across all disciplines and management levels and it also blocks applications that are unsuitable by your criteria. It sets a new standard of quickly short listing the right candidate(s).
2) It constructs a structured and precise organisation + work position profile; Detailed & summary formats - in a unique way which works for both computer based AND manual evaluation processes.
3) It offers you a value added service that cuts advertising and applications processing time drastically. You can build an applicant or an employee repository as a bonus. Read about the RECRUITAtAnytime program.
4) You can post a classified ad for work position(s) you wish to offer to invite direct applications. With this posting you may define multiple indexes so that right candidates can easily search your position from among thousands of ads.
5) Membership is very affordable and the value added service for those who release press ads will pay for itself with the savings in the first couple of recruitment cycles.
Features of work provider service