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Features of Work Provider Service
Position Profile
The program generates a precise position profile that is good for both computerised matching and manual review by candidates. Each position has to be registered - this could be for any number of vacancies and for upto four locations! Accurate matching results as you only select from pre-defined human expertise attributes - this avoids ambiguity in qualification or a skill attribute (lack of precision can defeat automated selection owing to hundreds of functions and thousands of knowledge domains). Without using programming resources and with zero delay, you can invite web based applications across all management levels and all disciplines. If you prefer negotiations, without revealing the maximum compensation you wish to offer, the program will match candidates' queries with lower expectations.
Define the criteria for short listing candidates and then ranking them by merit. Your conditions can be simple or complex - the system supports them all. You control the responses the program should report and the frequency. You spend time only on quality responses and let the system do the elimination with zero error and bias. Explore the powerful query options - for e.g. Push messages to providers whose position matched.
Position filters
When work seekers make a query, do you want to hear from just any candidate whose query matches your organisation & position profile? If not, JOBSAtAnytime+ offers a unique feature by which you can block unwanted matches. Explore the profile filters.
RECRUITAtAnytime Hot Jobs (Value Added Service - VAS)
By subscribing to the RECRUITAtAnytime program, a value added service, you can save upto 80% of advertising costs and upto 90% of applications processing time. The work position you register gets listed in the Hot Jobs section to attract attention of those who visit and those who see your ad in the papers. All direct applicants data is downloaded into your computer. You are provided a client side program to process the data and mark progress notes. You can even ask customised questions that applicants must respond to. 
Employee/student repository building through RECRUITAtAnytime
You can use the RECRUITAtAnytime program to create and maintain a repository of your employees or students (if you are a placement officer or an alumni relations officer). The data remains secure and the records can be updated through individual passwords from anywhere anytime. The program refreshes the local repository next time you initiate a download operation.
Post Classified ads
You can post free classified ads with multiple indexes. You can include the organisation logo with your work position announcement. Even non registered work seekers could apply to these positions free of cost.