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 Recruitment Methods : Comparisons
Cost and quality comparisons of different methods that employers/recruiter use today:

Method#1 Obtain responses by email or post through Press ads or ads published on Vertical Job Boards or own website and then process the applications manually or enter into a computerized system by engaging data entry personnel.

Method#2 Obtain responses through online forms on own website or download html or text resumes from Job Boards using “rudimentary” filters.

Method#3 Solution envisaged by Systems Dynamics (Software) Pvt. Ltd that combines a Job Board called, JAA+ and a client side program for processing applicants & candidate repository and also serves as an application tracking system.

The key performance indicators in the three methods would be:
  • Cost-effectiveness (cost per hire)
  • Reduction in alpha errors (missing out the best candidates)
  • Reduction in beta errors (hiring the wrong candidate)
Comparing the above KPIs will provide an insight into the way the methods work and also the incentives for switching to the best alternative.
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