Contact - Confidentiality and specific rulesRef#118
Contact information is compulsory; direct recruiters and recruitment agencies provide the data differently.

APPLICATION TO BE ADDRESSED TO : Enter the name of the officer responsible for the recruitment (the default name is the individual registered to operate this work position account).

EMAIL : The email is the official email of the individual registered to operate this work position, however this can be changed to another email reserved for recruitment for this work position; respondent's replies will be routed to this email, if the reply mode is selected for email (see CONTACT METHOD below).

This is the required caption in the responses of matched candidates.

This is the time/date from which the work position shall be offered for processing (i.e. matching of other queries against this work position profile). Also, after this date queries can be made to search for candidates (or when the position is in an  activated state). Once the activate date/time is past, JOBSAtAnytime+
program disallows editing of any data of profile or profile-filter for the reason that it could invalidate processed results of queries. Therefore, normally you should specify a date that is atleast one day hence - this gives you the opportunity to edit mistakes or change your mind about some data or filter. Since editing cannot be done after the processing has started, the only recourse for error rectification is for you to prematurely close the position and start all over again with another position number.  

Queries will be matched against this work position profile until this date only.

: This is optional. If any fees is specified, the applicants reported by JOBSAtAnytime+
.com will be charged the fees mentioned & the agreed amount shall be credited / paid by to you

To say yes, if you intend to collect fees from applicants. The fee rule itself is specified as a Special filter. 

To say yes, if you intend to ask specific questions to the applicants. Their responses are downloaded when you use Recruit program. If you have not subscribed to the Recruit program, you must specify no.

If you specify the photo to be compulsory, JOBSAtAnytime+
will report (either matched or direct) applicants only if they have submitted or they agree to submit their photograph (Passport size).

If you do not wish to disclose the real name of the organization or the org. unit, then you can specify aliases for either or both. If you are a recruitment agency, you may specify an alias for the org. and the org. unit. However you must also specify that you are a recruitment agency and not a direct recruiter; recruitment agencies are assured that the name of the client organization Unit shall not be disclosed to the candidates unless specified.

The best medium (& with Least Cost) for respondents to use is the email, however you can specify other choices.

You can specify if you wish matched candidates to be reported to you when they make queries (this is the passive mode of usage - you get the reponses free of cost). However, you could block such responses from other candidates, if you do not have interest in receiving such messages.

SUBSCRIPTION AUTO RENEWAL: You can save renewal effort by choosing to renew your subscription for the service by the specified number of months automatically. Even if you do not use this renewal option, you will be reminded by email prior to expiry of your subscription and in that case you will have to log in prior to the expiry date and renew the subscription manually. A uto renewal will go through only if there exists sufficient credit balance in your account.

Methods of acceptance of applicationsRef#174

Having activated your work position, you can get applications in the following ways/methods and you will need to make your choice(s):

1) System matched responses - these are candidates who match your query - they are ranked by merit and reported to you,
2) Candidates' messages if their query matched with your position profile - provided you have not blocked these through a separate option ("Accept Response from seeker").
3) If you have subscribed to the value added service of Recruit then you can get direct applications too. These applications are passed on to you without being processed through the matching system.
These direct applicants could be candidates who have seen your recruitment ad in the press or other media or in the "Hot Jobs" section of - this position gets automatically posted in the "Hot Jobs" section when you have subscribed to the Recruit program and requested for direct applications - others. "Hot Jobs" can be browsed by all visitors to the web site.
The direct applicants can also be your employees who have seen your circular inviting them to register at for either filling up a vacancy or for the purpose of building an employee repository. This position gets posted among the internal jobs and not as a "Hot Job" so that employees who log in go directly to this position.
Even educational institutes use this option to build student (or alumni) repositories - they should select "Direct applicants - employees only" option for enabling students to apply to a catch all position that will get created as Placement position and not as a Hot Job). When students log in they will get to apply to this "Placement position".

The foregoing possibilities result in several combinations of applicants. These are enumerated and you should choose one of them. If you have not subscribed to Recruit you cannot choose an option in which "Direct Applicants" are included. If you have chosen an option in which "Direct applicants" is a part, then the responses will be downloaded in your computer and you will be able to process the same using the client side Recruit program.

Position scope for employeeRef#171

The work providers who opt for Recruit-PSA program (a value added service) have the option of inviting their own (all units within the parent organisation) EMPLOYEES to register.
To get the employees to register, the work position that needs to be created is a DUMMY for repository (All units) - this is called so because it is not a REAL position but merely a dummy one created for the sake of repository building. Once the employees are registered, the work provider may create REAL work positions on www.JOBSAtAnytime
.com. In these situations, he must state his scope for accepting applications from the (registered) employees - against the REAL work position even fresh employees may register / apply.
In the event the work provider wishes to invite applications from only outsiders then he must choose Real - Not for employees option.

Applicant Registrations committed for paymentRef#172

A work provider may choose to commit for applicant registration fees - this enables the applicants to apply without paying the usual registration fees. The rate at which the work provider pays is usually much lower than what the applicant would have to pay. Secondly the applicant who avails of such prepaid (rather precommitted) registrations, gets locked into the work provider organisation (this means his/her resume gets locked to positions posted by organisation units belonging to the work provider organisation ONLY).

Balance registrations (unutilised)Ref#173

Balance is the number of registrations that still remain out of the total numbers that the work provider committed to pay for. After this number drops to zero, all registrations will begin to be charged for at the applicable rates. If the work provider wishes to increase the number of registrations he wants to commit for, he can increase the count and the system will automatically increase the balance registrations (unutilised) figure.